Respond privately in WhatsApp with all the context

Press and hold a message in WhatsApp when you’re in a group. Click on the three dots and you’ll see this option called ‘Reply privately’.

WhatsApp Respond Privately.jpeg
The message from the group is actually quoted when you respond privately on WhatsApp

It lets you respond to your friends via private chat with context. The message they sent in the the group actually gets quoted so they know what you’re talking about.

Quite hidden and useful occasionally.

Hat tip: Shrinivas

Listening to WhatsApp voice messages when people are around you

You have some lazy friends who constantly send you voice messages. But often, you can’t listen to them right away because you’re at work, or you’re surrounded by people.

The next time someone sends you a voice message, just press the Play button and hold your phone close to your ear. The recording wouldn’t play on loudspeaker, but in the earpiece (like a regular phone call).

This option is so undiscoverable, isn’t it? 😉