Otter: for accurate voice transcriptions

If you talk to people regularly and want to document your conversations, but don’t have the time, look to Otter.

I haven’t transcribed long conversations with it myself, but for moments when I’m too lazy to type and I just want to transcribe my own voice note, it works great.

Otter seems to be way more accurate than Google Voice when transcribing voice – I was surprised.

Taking full page screenshots from Chrome Dev Tools

This was news to me. Turns out you no longer have to use an addon or manually stitch together images to create a screenshot of a page that’s longer than your viewing area. All you have to do is:

  • Right click, choose Inspect element
  • Pick the <body> tag
  • Now, press Ctrl+Shift+P (or Cmd+Shift+P if you’re on Mac)
  • Type screenshot and choose ‘Capture full page screenshot’. You’ve got one 🙂
Google Chrome Dev Tools Screenshot Capture.png
Using Chrome Dev Tools to capture screenshots

Curbing phone addiction with reading mode for Android

We’re excited by colors, apparently. And apps with bright colors trick us and take our attention away. The NYTimes says turning your phone to grayscale mode can curb this addiction.

Did you know that OnePlus phones have a grayscale reading mode you can enable from Settings > Display? The best part: you can have this mode enabled automatically when you open certain apps (so you can do distraction-free reading on the Kindle app, for instance).

Reading Mode Android.jpg
If you don’t have the OnePlus, there’s a roundabout way to get something close to the reading mode in other Android devices. This article explains how.

Insert emojis from anywhere with Ctrl + Cmd + Space

Nearly everyone I know is surprised when they learn this keyboard shortcut. It’s the easiest way to insert emojis anywhere in your Mac. Tapping Ctrl + Cmd +Space brings a little box – you can quickly search for emojis, or browse through the full list and pick one to insert.

Mac Insert Emojis
Emoji search box in Mac

The Windows equivalent seems to be Win key + a period or Win key + a semicolon, but I haven’t tested this one.