Respond privately in WhatsApp with all the context

Press and hold a message in WhatsApp when you’re in a group. Click on the three dots and you’ll see this option called ‘Reply privately’.

WhatsApp Respond Privately.jpeg
The message from the group is actually quoted when you respond privately on WhatsApp

It lets you respond to your friends via private chat with context. The message they sent in the the group actually gets quoted so they know what you’re talking about.

Quite hidden and useful occasionally.

Hat tip: Shrinivas

Taking screenshots when screenshots are banned

Android now lets apps block screenshots but some times it might be annoying when you desperately need something captured for reference (or to tell the world). Apple Music, for instance, had banned screenshots so I couldn’t quickly share tracks from there.

In such situations, you can just press and hold the ‘Home’ button to call the Google Assistant, and click ‘Share screenshot’ from the Assistant.

This bypasses the restriction set by the app, and you get your screenshot instantly.

Google Assistant Take Screenshot.jpeg
Bypass screenshot restrictions in Android

For the next tax season

Come tax season and you’re doing some work with PDFs. Merging scanned receipts into one or even compressing PDFs because the tool you are uploading to, only accepts sizes less than 200 KB.

SmallPDF is great, and can take care of all your PDF needs. It falls into the category of apps I’ve always fallen in love with – doing just one or a couple of things right, with a no non-sense interface.

I don’t even do a Google search for ‘compress PDFs’, I just go to SmallPDF directly because it’s got everything I want, minus the crap (like ads).

Throw any PDF task at SmallPDF and it gets it done 🙂

Otter: for accurate voice transcriptions

If you talk to people regularly and want to document your conversations, but don’t have the time, look to Otter.

I haven’t transcribed long conversations with it myself, but for moments when I’m too lazy to type and I just want to transcribe my own voice note, it works great.

Otter seems to be way more accurate than Google Voice when transcribing voice – I was surprised.

Taking full page screenshots from Chrome Dev Tools

This was news to me. Turns out you no longer have to use an addon or manually stitch together images to create a screenshot of a page that’s longer than your viewing area. All you have to do is:

  • Right click, choose Inspect element
  • Pick the <body> tag
  • Now, press Ctrl+Shift+P (or Cmd+Shift+P if you’re on Mac)
  • Type screenshot and choose ‘Capture full page screenshot’. You’ve got one 🙂
Google Chrome Dev Tools Screenshot Capture.png
Using Chrome Dev Tools to capture screenshots