Taking screenshots when screenshots are banned

Android now lets apps block screenshots but some times it might be annoying when you desperately need something captured for reference (or to tell the world). Apple Music, for instance, had banned screenshots so I couldn’t quickly share tracks from there.

In such situations, you can just press and hold the ‘Home’ button to call the Google Assistant, and click ‘Share screenshot’ from the Assistant.

This bypasses the restriction set by the app, and you get your screenshot instantly.

Google Assistant Take Screenshot.jpeg
Bypass screenshot restrictions in Android

Curbing phone addiction with reading mode for Android

We’re excited by colors, apparently. And apps with bright colors trick us and take our attention away. The NYTimes says turning your phone to grayscale mode can curb this addiction.

Did you know that OnePlus phones have a grayscale reading mode you can enable from Settings > Display? The best part: you can have this mode enabled automatically when you open certain apps (so you can do distraction-free reading on the Kindle app, for instance).

Reading Mode Android.jpg
If you don’t have the OnePlus, there’s a roundabout way to get something close to the reading mode in other Android devices. This article explains how.

Detect that song playing in the restaurant, in seconds

In the last newsletter, I wrote that I was surprised that not many people knew about Google Photos. It’s even more true of this app called Shazam.

When you hear a song you’ve never heard before playing in a restaurant, and you want to know the name of the track and download it instantly, you can quickly make Shazam listen to it.

In seconds, the app will find out the song for you, and give you links to download it on Apple Music, Saavn, etc.

Somehow I find Shazam more convenient than summoning “Ok, Google” and asking the Assistant to listen to the song (or even Siri, for that matter). The option to listen a song doesn’t show up in the Google Assistant interface all the time, and that makes it hard to use.

Shazam Detects Songs.jpg
Song detection with Shazam

Oh, and it turns out, Shazam can actually identify 11 million songs across languages. It’s been there for iPhone and Android since 2008, but rarely have I seen people use it. So here you go – download Shazam for iPhone from here and Android from here, and tell me when you’re wowed by the app 🙂